Our PARTNERS FOR LIFE support raising training course is an exclusive and comprehensive online video training series designed to help you raise your financial support team quickly and without fear.

If you're struggling to raise support for your missionary work or your short-term trip, then you need to learn how to create -- and keep -- PARTNERS for LIFE!

Why Partners for LIFE?

Most Support raising training workshops give you two or three days and a notebook -- and you'll spend hundreds of dollars to attend. Our online video training program is ALWAYS available to you, when it's most convenient for YOU! Loaded with videos, podcasts, samples, training materials and more, this is the BEST VALUE you'll ever find to learn how to RAISE and KEEP your partner team! (Note: For illustration purposes only. This is an ONLINE video training course!)

Includes 16 Video-Based Learning Modules to Help Accelerate Your Support Raising Efforts:

  • The Biblical Basis for Support Raising
  • Myths and Truths About Fundraising
  • Overcoming Your Fears
  • Developing Your Case for Support
  • Essential Communications Tools
  • Creating Your Communications Plan
  • Where to Find Support Partners
  • Building Your Team
  • Building Your Team
  • Marketing Yourself
  • The Key to Powerful Communications
  • How to Make Powerful Presentations
  • How NOT to Write Support Letters
  • Social Media and More
  • How to DELIGHT Your Partners
  • And much more!

Two Training Options:


You can subscribe to PARTNERS FOR LIFE for your personal video-based support training course for just $67 for a full 12-months — anytime and from wherever you have Internet access!


Your organization can offer complete support training of ALL of your members! Organizational subscriptions include training for up to 25 missionaries/trainees and are just $75 per month.


Learn from the authors of one of the top Support Raising books on Amazon!

For three decades Barry McLeish and Jeff McLinden have taught thousands of individuals the principles and practices of successful support-raising. Drawing on years of teaching, training, practical experience and research, Jeff and Barry authored one of the most successful books on the subject -- and now have captured everything in this always-available, online video training program.

Why pay hundreds -- even thousands -- of dollars to attend expensive, weekend training seminars when you can access this comprehensive training ANYTIME that's convenient for you?

What People Say About Our Training

“I would enthusiastically support the Partners for LIFE training programs. They have really helped our team learn how to effectively raise support. This program is a great help and we are very happy with what Jeff and Barry are teaching our staff. I ordered their DVD video program and went through the materials before introducing it to our missionaries; I was very impressed. My primary thought was I wish I would have had this training when I was trying to raise support years ago. I felt Partners for LIFE is a must see for all of our folks.”

…. Greg Seager, CEO, Christian Health Service Corps

“Over the years TeachBeyond has used a variety of resources to pass on to our appointees so that they can have the proper tools to raise the needed funds for ministry. We have used some very good books as well as suggesting our recruits to attend certain find raising conferences. When I first came across Partners for Life, I confess that I was a bit skeptical as I had seen many products on the market. However, I was delightfully thrilled to be surprised at the many benefits this program offers.  

I honestly believe that this is one of the most helpful tools I have seen that offers a great program at an exceptional price. We gladly and enthusiastically recommend this program to every one of our appointees.” 

Don Storrs, TeachBeyond

“When I started raising support fresh out of college, I had no idea where or how to start. I stumbled along for a few weeks until came across Their approach is excellent, and not only that, essential for the culture and times we live in today. Particularly, the emphasis on partnership and that missions is a joint effort, not the supporters simply sending a check and never hearing back again.

Working through the Partners for LIFE materials, I did notice an increase in partners’ giving when I changed my strategy. Also, I found the resources on developing a strong case for support very useful. I would recommend this training program to anyone who needs to raise financial support, be it for missions, short term projects, etc.”

.. Jonathan Clark, RUF has been such an encouragement to me as a local missionary. My support started to slip 2 years ago, and I wanted a refresher and reminder on the Biblical perspective on support raising. to the rescue. Their videos are top notch and many of them have notes and articles to give you more information. You will learn how to deal with fears, and myths, build a case for support and come up with a plan to get it done in record time. They not only teach you how to raise support, but how to stay in contact with your ministry partners so that they are delighted and engaged. helped us present the ministry God has given us in a way that my potential ministry supporters could understand what we are doing and be inspired to join our team.”

. Kevin Huska, Power to Change

Choose YOUR support training package!


Organizational Subscription – just $75 per month!

Your entire team can access our entire training site:

  • Provide convenient, online training for EVERYONE!
  • Consistent learning / training experience…
  • Designed to complete support raising in just 6 months!
  • The same experience regardless of when you add staff…
  • Each person will have unlimited access as long as needed…
  • Convenient monthly invoicing that covers your entire team!

Train Your Team for $75 per Month!



Individual Subscription – Just $67!

You get access to our entire training site for an entire 12 months:

  • All 16 video training modules
  • Every podcast
  • Every sample file
  • Every downloadable lesson
  • Special Reports and How-to’s
  • Plus support when you need it!

All for a single payment of just $67!


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