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You could easily pay over $1,000 to attend a weekend support-training seminar.  "Partners for LIFE!" is available whenever and wherever it's most convenient for YOU -- and you get access for an entire YEAR for just $67!

  • Streaming Video Content

    Complete video training with 16 modules to help you learn the proven techniques of successful support-raising.

  • Downloadable Materials & Manuals

    Each training module comes with downloadable tools, tips and techniques to help you put into practice the things you’ll learn from the video training.

  • Tried and True Tips & Techniques

    We’ll unlock the secrets not just to quickly RAISING support, but also to KEEPING your partners delighted — and giving for LIFE!.

Photo for illustration only. This is an ONLINE training course with videos and downloadable training materials.

From the Authors of the #1 BEST SELLING
Support Raising Book on AMAZON...

Jeff McLinden and Barry McLeish have taught hundreds of missionaries and short term workers the best practices for today in support-raising.

With 35 years in ministry fundraising, marketing and communications, they’ve left behind the outdated methods that were appropriate twenty years ago and focus on the methods that are working NOW...

Methods that will help you FIND, WIN, and KEEP an active, caring, giving and ENGAGED partner team that will support you for a LIFETIME of ministry together!

Users LOVE Partners For LIFE!

We receive many comments from users who have learned to raise their support -- confidently, quickly and successfully.  Here's just one person's experience...

Raising-Support.com has been such an encouragement to me as a local missionary. My support started to slip 2 years ago, and I wanted a refresher and reminder on the Biblical perspective on support raising. Raising-Support.com to the rescue. Their videos are top notch and many of them have notes and articles to give you more information.  You will learn how to deal with fears, and myths, build a case for support and come up with a plan to get it done in record time. They not only teach you how to raise support, but how to stay in contact with your ministry partners so that they are delighted and engaged.

Ultimately God is the one who raises our support and Raising-Support.com helped us get in the door so prospective partners could hear about our ministry and consider the opportunity. Raising-Support.com helped us present the ministry God has given us in a way that my potential ministry supporters could understand what we are doing and be inspired to join our team.”

Kevin Huska, Power to Change

Seager“I enthusiastically endorse the Partners for LIFE! training program. The people at Raising-Support.com have really helped our team learn how to effectively raise support. Their program is a great help and we are very happy with what they are teaching our staff. I ordered their DVD video program and went through the materials before introducing it to our missionaries; I was very impressed. My primary thought was I wish I would have had this training when I was trying to raise support years ago. I felt it was a must see for all of our folks.”

Greg Seager, CEO, Christian Health Service Corps

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