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Can You Raise Money to Be a Missionary?

“I’m afraid to raise support.”  “I’ve been trying to raise support for over a year.”  “I have run out of contacts for support raising.”

Raising support for missions work is many things, depending upon who you ask!  A frustrating and overwhelming challenge?  A time honored tradition?  A necessary evil?  An exercise in faith and trust in God?  A ministry to those who participate?  How about ALL OF THESE?!

At Raising-Support.com, we believe that it is a distinct privilege to help missionaries (or missionary candidates) like you to not only succeed at support-raising, but to enjoy it!  To embrace it!  To recognize the amazing power of inviting others to participate with you in the greatest work imaginable — changing people’s lives for Christ!

That’s why we’ve put together, not only this blog, but also a suite of training tools and materials that can help you overcome the fear of fundraising and raise 100% of the support you need for your work as a missionary — quickly, easily and enjoyably.

You Can Be Successful Raising Support!

Raising-Support.com was founded by Jeff McLinden and Barry McLeish who have taught hundreds of missionaries and short term workers the best practices for today in support-raising.  With 35 years in ministry fundraising, marketing and communications, they’ve left behind the outdated methods that were appropriate twenty years ago and focus on the methods that are working NOW.

So we invite you to read our blog posts.  To sample our FREE resources.  But especially to try our training programs.  There are tabs above that’ll show you what we offer.

If You Need to Raise Support for YOUR Work, then You’ve Come to the Right Place…

You could just read a book… Or you could spend a bundle to attend a weekend seminar (some charge $300 or more for a two-day workshop!)…

But we suggest you try the “outstanding value” that you’ll find in our Partners for LIFE! online support-training program!  Our comprehensive video training program is delivered ONLINE — so you can access it ANYTIME from ANYWHERE.  And AT YOUR OWN PACE!

No need to cram everything into one or two days.

No struggling to remember what the instructor said.

Watch each module as often as you wish — as often as you NEED — to accelerate your support raising success and complete your partner team.  You’ll never find a better value — because you get a FULL YEAR of access to every module of this stellar program for only $67!

Try “Partners for LIFE!” and Raise the Support You Need!


What Do Others Say About Raising-Support.com?

Over the years TeachBeyond has used a variety of resources to pass on to our appointees so that they can have the proper tools to raise the needed funds for ministry.  We have used some very good books as well as suggesting our recruits to attend certain find raising conferences.  When I first came across Partners for Life, I confess that I was a bit skeptical as I had seen many products on the market.  However, I was delightfully thrilled to be surprised at the many benefits this program offers …

  • Different Modes

They use audio, visual, reading, and reflection in nearly all of the sessions.   The notes in each topic are helpful and give the ground work for future discussion.  The added features of video, MP3 messages, and the questions for reflection engage the participant.  What might be lacking in the reading notes is often fulfilled through the other media.   The videos are extremely helpful, especially when the session moves away from the presenter and deals with questions or observations from the participants.  You are getting more than one author’s opinion, and in the video one observes the true interaction of people who are in the process of raising funds.  At times, the presenters are drawing out comments from the audience, and this is refreshingly helpful.

  • At Your Own Speed

The material is sequential and one can go at his/her own speed.   The variety of methods presented makes the material more engaging.   The different media helps the participant absorb the concepts in a variety of manners, and it is so much more enjoyable.  It subliminally encourages the participant to move ahead.  In addition, if you want to go back and review the concepts, it’s all right there at your fingertips.

  • Flexibility

The material does not come in a book form alone.  All comes via the internet and when a person signs up for the program he/she is given a login name and password through which one can enter the program, choose the lesson(s) of interest, and all the material is there.  The students may download the PDF files for each lesson, save these, and print these up so they can freely make notes in the documents.  The videos can NOT be downloaded, but the price paid for the program includes internet access to these videos for one year.  The MP3’s can be downloaded and used on an MP3 player through computer or mobile device.

  • It is Updateable. 

Partners for Life updates the material regularly.  When you log on to the program you will find that the material is practical and current.  They take pains to introduce new concepts that will help the fundraiser have the best tools available.

  • Value

The program from Partners for Life, Complete Support Raising Training, is available on the internet for only $67 – which by far surpasses the promises offered through other programs.  This program can be used for one year which is much more palatable than a crammed-full weekend conference (at easily ten times the price!).  This is an outstanding value!

Don Storrs 2012I honestly believe that this is one of the most helpful tools I have seen that offers a great program at an exceptional price.  We gladly and enthusiastically recommend this program to every one of our appointees.

Don Storrs

TeachBeyond – Mobilizer Coach


Raising-Support.com has been such an encouragement to me as a local missionary. My support started to slip 2 years ago, and I wanted a refresher and reminder on the Biblical perspective on support raising. Raising-Support.com to the rescue. Their videos are top notch and many of them have notes and articles to give you more information.  You will learn how to deal with fears, and myths, build a case for support and come up with a plan to get it done in record time. They not only teach you how to raise support, but how to stay in contact with your ministry partners so that they are delighted and engaged.

Ultimately God is the one who raises our support and Raising-Support.com helped us get in the door so they they could hear about our ministry and consider the opportunity. Raising-Support.com helped us present the ministry God has given us in a way that my potential ministry supporters could understand what we are doing and be inspired to join our team.”
Kevin Huska - Power to Change - Students

Try “Partners for LIFE!” and Raise the Support You Need!

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